Scott Walker’s biggest lie exposed!

Scott Walker has defended his attack on collective bargaining by telling us that he “campaigned on it“. Despite this blatant lie being debunked, Walker has continued to use this defense in an attempt to deceive the people of Wisconsin. But this lie can finally be put to rest.

Video (below) has recently surfaced exposing to the world how Scott Walker played politics with Wisconsin values. In the video, Walker explains one week before the election how he would “negotiate” wage and pension changes with unions, and compared it to his time as Milwaukee County Executive, when he “did that at the county”.

After seeing this, you know once and for all that Walker lied to the people of Wisconsin. Scott Walker assaulted workers rights in an effort to further the extreme agenda he and his corporate allies have for our state. This was NOT a budget decision, but a political one.

Tell Scott Walker that his lies and deception will not be tolerated. Call his office (608) 266-1212 and let him know his radical agenda is out of step with Wisconsin values, and his pink slip is coming!

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