Statement on United Wisconsin’s Primary Election Position

MADISON- Since the beginning of this historic movement, United Wisconsin has stated unequivocally that we are an independent organization working to put people first. Our mission is clear: to bring about the successful recall of Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch. This commitment has not changed.

It is in the spirit of this commitment to our supporters that United Wisconsin has not, and will not, be making any endorsement of a candidate running in the May 8th primary elections.

Our movement has empowered citizens all across our great state to get involved in the political process and take ownership of their democracy.  It is clear that the people of Wisconsin are engaged like never before, and are ready to hold Scott Walker accountable for his failed policies and divisive and ideological leadership.

This movement belongs to the people of this state. We have the opportunity to choose among outstanding candidates that are ready to stand up for working families and repair the damage inflicted by Walker and his allies. The people of Wisconsin will take the time to find the candidate that they believe will best lead this state forward, and will make their voices heard again on May 8th.

Wisconsin cannot begin to heal until Scott Walker is voted out of office.  United Wisconsin is working daily to counter the deception and lies being promoted by Walker and his allies, and to ensure that the voice of the people is heard May 8th and June 5th. Wisconsin will elect a leader that will work for the people of Wisconsin, not out-of-state interests and wealthy elites.


Paid for by United Wisconsin, PAC – Kevin Straka, Treasurer

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