United Wisconsin extends invitation for “Talk with Walker”

United Wisconsin calls on Governor Scott Walker to make his statewide “Talk with Walker” tour open to all Wisconsinites, offers locations for public forum.

MADISON – According to a statement released Monday, November 26th, by Governor Scott Walker’s office, the Governor is kicking off his “Talk with Walker” tour, a statewide tour designed to discuss the next state budget and ways to move the state forward by involving the input of the people of Wisconsin in the process.

According to the statement, “For the next several months, the Governor will talk with Wisconsinites about their priorities and ideas for building a better Wisconsin.”

The statement goes on to cite Walker’s interest in engaging with Wisconsinites about the future of the state, quoting him saying “As we work on the budget, I want to have a conversation with the people of Wisconsin about the best ways to move our state forward.”

The first stop on the tour was scheduled Tuesday, November 27th, in Green Bay, however the exact time and location of the event was not made public until late Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, multiple phone requests by United Wisconsin to the Governor’s office finally revealed that the first stop on the tour, ACE Marine in Green Bay, would not be open to the public. The event instead would be a closed-door session for the business owners who extended the invitation and their employees only, but allowed members of the press to attend.

The statement released by the Walker administration Monday makes no mention of limited access to the public.

Acknowledging the fallout during the 2011-2013 budget sessions which culminated in the largest public protest in state history, Walker has lamented publically that he did a poor job communicating his plans to the people of Wisconsin.

“Scott Walker’s recent public statement misled the people of Wisconsin as to the nature of these talks,” United Wisconsin Executive Director Lisa Subeck said Wednesday. “It seems that the goal of Walker’s tour is to give the impression that this time he is affording the general public a chance to be heard, but in actuality only discuss his future plans for our state face-to-face with a selected audience.”

A representative in the Governor’s Milwaukee office would not speculate on the format of the upcoming “Talk with Walker” events, and only stated she expects it to be the same.

In response to multiple requests, United Wisconsin submitted a formal letter to the Governor this morning inviting him to attend a public forum at their Madison or Milwaukee offices or any other convenient venue around the state.

“If Governor Walker is serious about engaging with the public, we cordially invite him to take us up on our offer. This event would truly bring Wisconsin’s diverse voices together in a robust forum, and would no doubt offer many of the “bold ideas and real solutions” the Governor says he is looking for from his fellow citizens” Subeck added.

As of this morning, United Wisconsin had not received a response to their request from the Governor’s office.

Click here to read the  Letter to Governor Walker

Call Walker’s office at 608-266-1212 and urge him to accept our offer for a real public forum on the future of our state!

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United Wisconsin is an independent, grassroots organization of citizens restoring the Wisconsin tradition of democracy in action. For more information, visit our website at www.unitedwisconsin.com.


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