United Wisconsin urges citizens of 13 Wisconsin communities to Vote YES on overturning Citizens United Tuesday, April 1



MADISON – After over a year of grassroots petition drives across Wisconsin, United Wisconsin and local partners succeeded in placing 13 local referendum initiatives on the April 1 ballot calling for reversal of the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, which opened the floodgates to unlimited special interest spending on elections.

“The unlimited election spending by special interest groups, allowed by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, has drowned out the voices of ordinary people,” said United Wisconsin Executive Director Lisa Subeck. “Urgent action is needed to restore our democracy to the hands of the people.”

United Wisconsin urges residents in the cities of Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Elkhorn, Delavan, Lake Mills and Edgerton, the villages of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Waunakee, Belleville and DeForest, and the towns of Windsor and Waterloo to stand up to the corporate special interests that have taken over our democracy by voting “YES” on Tuesday, April 1. A “yes” vote signals support for a Constitutional amendment saying that corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as individual people, and that money is not equivalent to speech so limiting monetary contributions to campaigns does not limit free speech.

Click here to find out where you can vote early.

To date, 28 Wisconsin communities have passed similar referendums and resolutions.

“Americans overwhelmingly agree that there is too much money in politics and support reasonable, common-sense limits on campaign spending,” said Subeck. “On April 1, residents of 13 more Wisconsin communities will have the opportunity to go on the record, demanding action be taken at the state and federal levels to stop the corrupting influence unlimited corporate spending has had on our democracy.”

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United Wisconsin is an independent, grassroots organization of citizens restoring the Wisconsin tradition of democracy in action. For more information, visit our website at www.unitedwisconsin.com.cu 4-1 sign

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